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Fitness Based Juices (Immunity, Detox, Nutrition and more)

Disease Based Juice (Sugar, Thyroid, Sciatica & many more)

Seasonal Juices (Summer Special -AshGourd Juice)

Weight Loss Program

Enery & Productivity Drinks

Various types of fresh herbal juices are prepared and served every day in the morning and evening through our stores or are home delivered.

What is a fresh herbal juice?

Extract of the fresh herbs as ingredients is known as fresh herbal juice.


How is herbal juice prepared?

  • Some herbal juices are prepared through the juicer

  • In some herbal juices we convert the ingredients we use into fine paste and juice is extracted after straining it


What are the ingredients? Or type of fresh herbs?


Ingredients of fresh herbal juices can be classified into following - 

Classification of fresh herbs we use:


Grass: Wheatgrass, durva grass, barley grass, lemon grass etc.

Leaves: Jamun leaves, guava leaves, neem leaves, peepal leaves, arjuna leaves, bael patra, gurmar leaves etc.

Vegetables: Ash-Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Kacchi Haldi, Ginger etc..

Medicinal Herbs: Aloevera, Giloy etc..

Herbal hot drinks/kadha/tea

Best time to have herbal juices and hot drinks?


  • Morning: On an empty stomach

  • Evening: 5:00 p.m - 7:30 p.m


How much?

Generally, we should have 250 ml in the morning and one can have in evening as well but it's optional.


How long to have them?

Ideally, we recommend lifetime. But then in this changing times, it's highly improbable.
So try to intake as many months in a year to live a blissful and disease free life.

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