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Wheatgrass Juice/Shot Benefits

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Everything you need to know about wheatgrass shot or wheatgrass juice.

I. What is Prakriti (nature and properties) of wheatgrass shot/juice?
II. Why wheatgrass juice? What are the benefits of having wheatgrass juice?
III. How much one should have a wheatgrass shot?
IV. When to have a wheatgrass shot?
V. Who can have a wheatgrass shot?
VI. Who should not have a wheatgrass shot?

Ayurvedic nature & properties of wheatgrass are: 

1. It is mildly cold in nature.
2. It is alkalizing in nature
3. It is rich in oxygen and nutrients
4. It is called green blood.
5. Who should not have wheatgrass juice?

*Verified Benefits & Claims of wheatgrass shot experienced by our customers.
25 evidence-based benefits of wheatgrass juice/shot are:

1.   Wheatgrass Shot is extremely helpful in hemoglobin issues.
2.   Wheatgrass shots are helpful in anemia
3.   Wheatgrass is helpful in cancer
4.   Wheatgrass is helpful for people having respiratory issues.
5.   Wheatgrass shots for children who experience low energy 
6.   Wheatgrass is a superfood in terms of nutrition content. 
     It's the equivalent to 8kg veg juice.
7.   Beneficial for skin issues especially in children and 
8.   Beneficial in piles and over bleeding issues.
9.   Beneficial in gluten allergy
10.  Beneficial in low energy in general
11.  Beneficial for people who feel respiratory issues while 
     climbing stairs.
12.  Beneficial people with low platelet count.
13.  Helpful in premature greying of hair 
14.  Helpful in premature whitening of hair.
15.  It is helpful in gaining weight, especially among children.
16.  It is helpful in constipation.
17. It is helpful in stomach ulcers.
18. It is helpful in mouth ulcer.
19. It is helpful in mouth cancer.
20. It is helpful in all gland issues
21. It is helpful in thyroid-related issues.
22. It is helpful in eyesight especially in children
23. It is slightly helpful in High BP, good to have as a 
    precautionary measure especially for people having genetic 

Claimes yet to be verified

25. Helpful in Cholesterol 
26. Helpful in Fatty liver

Side effects of wheatgrass juice can be few if taken beyond a threshold value

If you directly start consuming more than 50ml juice you might experience loose motion, once you experience loose motion kindly lower the doses.

We could not measure the impact of wheatgrass juice in a few cases contrary to claims by few.

Claims rejected:
Weight loss
*However studies are ongoing and we shall update it here in near future.

Who can have wheatgrass juice/shot?

Anyone above 3 years old can have wheatgrass juice.
If looking to maintain or improve fitness level, adopt this in your lifestyle.

Who should not wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass shot?

1. Wheatgrass should be avoided in loose motions, dysentery, IBS.
2. Wheatgrass should be avoided in cough especially where you continuously spit cough.
3. Wheatgrass should be avoided in excess gastric issues.
4. Wheatgrass should be avoided if it creates a bit of body-pain and headache.
5. People with migraine 
6. People with epilepsy 
7. People with arthritis

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