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We are offering fresh Shyama Tulsi Leaves Online.


How many types of tulsi are there?

There are mainly four types of tulsi commonly found in India.

1.Shyama tulsi

2.Ram tulsi

3.Vana tusli

4.Kapoor tulsi


What is the difference between shyama tulsi and others?

Shyama tulsi leaves,stems and main branches are mainly of dark color.

Shyama tulsi carry higher medicinal value.


How to keep shyama tulsi leaves fresh?

It can be kept in glass/plastic bottles.Place this glass bottle in fridge.

Use few leaves everyday.


What is the time period till we can use the fresh leaves?

Fresh Shyama Tulsi leaves can be kept fresh and usable upto 6 months.


How to consume shyama tulsi leaves?

Swallow 5 tulsi leaves directly on empty stomach with water.


Shyama Tulsi leaves are also consumed in the form of Kadha.


How to prepare tulsi kadha?

Kadha Preparation Steps: 

Step 1.Tulsi(15-25leaves)

Step 2.Water 500ml

Step 3.Boil upto 200 - 250ml

Step 4.Filter and have it.


Tips:You can also add manjari of tulsi if available.


How not to use tulsi leaves?

Do not chew tusli leaves.It will lead to RCT of your tooth.

Do not have tulsi leaves tea 

Do not have tulsi after or with milk.


What are the use cases and benfits of tulsi kadha/tulsi leaves?

Please refere here in more details -

Fresh 250gm Shyama Tulsi leaves

SKU: 364215376135199
250 Grams
  • The leaves are of shyama tulsi which carry more medicinal value.

    It should never be chewed.

    It is always to be swallowed with water only.

    Kadha form is taken in case of fever or if preparing our covid 19 immunity kadha. 

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