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We are offering fresh organic aloe vera leaf online at the cheapest price.

Each green aloe vera leaf/stem/stalk will be large and thick weighing around 250gm.


Most important use cases of fresh aloe vera leaves are:


1.Everyday direct consumption


How to eat aloe vera leaves or gel?


Step 1.Cut 2-4 inches of aloe vera from aloe vera leaves

Step 2.Remove the skin.

Step3.Wash it with water.

Step 4.It's ready to consume.


2.Aloe vera juice & shakes


How to use aloe vera leaves for juices and shakes?


Step 1.Cut 6-9 inches of aloe vera from aloe vera leaves

Step 2.Remove the skin  chop it into smaller pieces or blocks

Step3.Wash it with water.

Step 4.Drop them in a mixer.

Step 5. If wish can add additional ingredients.

Step 6. Grind it for a minute.

Step 7.Ready to drink.


Useful tips: 

Other optional ingredients:1.ginger(1 inch) &2.amla (1-2 pieces)

Sweteners options:1.Bura or Dhage wali mishri


3.Aloe vera gel for external application


How to use aloe vera gel for skin, hair & body?

You can use its gel on face, whole body, hair


What are the best use cases of aloe vera and the benefits of having aloe vera?

Please refer here in detail


Aloe Vera Leaves 1kg

1 Kilogram
  • We specialize in organic Aloe vera cultivation & distribution.

    These are fresh organic Aloe vera leaves directly from our farm.

    Generally, it's 3-5 years old which is best for medicinal use.

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