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Wheat Grass / Barley Grass Juice,

Amla & Aloe Vera Juice, Petha Juice, Giloy Juice, Mix Juice,

Hair & Skin Based Juices, Rose Tea/Flower Tea

Featured Juices

Fitness Based​

Immunity, detox, skin, hair, stomach issues, positive energy - "Get back".

Weight Loss

Guaranteed  3-5 kgs weight loss per month.

Disease Based

Either restore or control the factors responsible for illness such as diabetes, thyroid, PCOD disorder, B.P and cholesterol.

Plan For Me

Talk our experts to get best suitable herbal juices for you and your loved ones.


The juices we offer are derived from fresh handpicked herbs.

We offer

Fresh Herbal Juices

Ranging from generic to cancer based juices

Raw Materials

Raw materials of your choice of juice to prepare at home

Herbal Powders

On order, traditional ukhal me fine kiya hua

Fresh herbal juices ranging from generic juices up to cancer-based Juices. Get it from our nearest store or avail free home delivery. Alternatively can get freshly chopped raw materials for the juice of your choice.

Fresh Herbs

Why herbal Juices?

Necessity & Requirement
*Cannot lead a blissful, healthy, productive, disease free life without them.

No side effects

Made of 100% fresh herbs

Detoxifies the Body and protects from 100+ diseases

Price as low as 2 tea cups of a day

Get in touch with us to order Fresh Herbal Juices

Recent Google Reviews

What our customers say about our juices!

Mahesh Agrawal​

a week ago

"A glass of fresh juice and that too with your body need. He has excellent knowledge of herbs and their medicinal property. Not juice a juice centre but a herbal substitute."​

Arvind Kumar

two week ago

"Oykfit at sector-120 provides fresh herbal juices and also deliver the fresh juices at home as per the requirement. Quality of their herbal juices are really very good. I give 5 stars to their quality."

Anupam Prakash

two week ago

"Availability of freshly produced herbal juices are really a blessing of God. And Qykfit has started offering juices at the right time and right locations, yet at reasonable prices. 5 stars for Qykfit. "

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