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Lose 3 kg to 5 kg in 1 month

How to lose weight and belly fat fast without workout or exercise?

        Ayurveda for weight loss

 Weightloss detox​

Weightloss Detox drink


It's also called fasting detox tea which lets you do fasting with ease:)

Special green tea 200ml serving to have it 4-5 times in a day.

It detoxes and rejuvantes liver.

You will not feel hungry at all.



How to prepare from detox powder?


1.5-litre water + 1 tablespoon detox powder and boil upto 1 litre on medium gas flame.

Keep it in thermo flask and sip 200ml at frequent intervals (every 3-4 hrs)

Juice for Weight Loss 

Herbal and fruit juices for weight loss to have on an empty stomach early morning. Know more here

Juices for Weight Loss


  1. Amla + Aloevera juice

  2. Ashgourd or Bottle gourd juice

  3. Karela Juice


Fruit Juices for Weight Loss


  1. Pineapple Juice

  2. Beetroot Carrot Amla

Weight loss Drinks: Herbal tea For weight loss 

Herbal tea for weight loss: Flower Tea/Safed Chandan Tea

How to have it?

  1. 200ml empty stomach

  2. Half an hour before lunch

  3. Half an hour before sleep.


Herbal tea preparation

How to prepare?

1.0-litre water + 1 tablespoon herbal powder and boil upto 500ml-750ml on medium gas flame.

Keep it in thermo flask and sip 200ml at frequent intervals (every 3-4 hrs)

indian Diet Plan

Food is medicine and all foods are, only if you know them and their do's and dont's  combinations.   Know more here in detail.

Weight loss diet plan for preset body illness.

Although we must tell you it will almost similar to a generic diet chart.

It is from time immemorial and worked on almost all body types with 100% accuracy.


Weight loss diet plan goes well with all extra activities and fitness goals


A diet chart that can be followed lifelong with little or no restrictions.


It will help you in maintaining lifetime fitness level.

Cheat Meals with ayurvedic weight loss powder

Will any diet chart or weightloss program work if cheat meals are not allowed?:)

Cheat meals

How many?

It depends on the kind of cheat meals but taking into account of an extreme one

2-3 cheat meals are allowed.


Ayurvedic Weightloss powder


It's also called digestion or fat loss powder.

Mostly it's to be taken after cheat meals or 2-3 days in a week.

1 tablespoon after dinner or lunch with water.

Recent Wight Loss Google Reviews

What our customers say about us!

Abhishek Dadhich

Qykfit is providing the best of India’s old traditional Herbs & recipes to make the body more healthy everyday. The herbal tea & juices are increasing the metabolism of the body & we start to feel The difference within a week.
Also they provide weight loss powder & detox drinks for reducing Excess weight In a healthy way. I have reduced 10 kg With their help.

I would recommend Qykfit for everybody.

Anubha Thakur

It was an amazing experience with qykfit .I have lost 7kg weight in just 2's purely can trust them blindly.....

Amit Sinha

Excellent - I would like to express my special thanks to the owner (Santosh) and workers of qykfit for having this here. I have started taking this since last 3 months and results are great. This is one place which is very helpful in keeping you fit and helps you to reduce your weight in proposition. Must GO TO PLACE FOR FITNESS.
Amit Sinha

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