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We are offering giloy stem online at cheapest price.


Which type of giloy it is?

It is rare and pure neem giloy.


What is a neem giloy?

Giloy which is available on neem tree are called neem giloy.


Which part of giloy is used?

We generally use giloy stem.


How much giloy to use per day?

6 inches long fresh giloy stem can be used every day.


How many types of giloy and how is giloy classified?

There are many types of giloy.One of them is neem giloy.

Generally giloy is classified on the basis of tree it is found upon. 


How to keep giloy stem fresh?

Wrap them with cotton.

Keep them in fridge but doesn't give you any extra shelf life.It's your wish though to keep them in fridge.

If keeping outside and away from direct sunlight sprinkle water once a week on cotton.



What is the time period upto which giloy stem can be used?

Fresh giloy sticks are good to use for a period of 1-2 month if kept in fridge or away from direct sunlight.


How much giloy can be taken everyday?

About 6  inches or 35 - 50gm in form of juice or kadha.


How to prepare giloy Kadha?

We are preparing giloy kadha for a single person use for everyday.

Step 1. Have around 500ml water 

Step 2.Have around 6 - 9 inches giloy stem

Step 3.Cut a single stem into smaller pieces possible.

Step 4.Optional Step: If it's possible crush smaller pieces with heavy weight or grind them in a mixer for half a min would be great.

Step 5.Now soak them overnight.It is also optional.

Step 6.Boil upt 200- 250ml in morning on medium flame.

Step 7.Filter it and have it on empty stomach in morning.

Step9.Minimum gap of breakfast and giloy kadha should be 30 minutes.


Useful information: If preparing for more than 1 person use water and stem accordingly.


When to have giloy kadha?

You can have it on empty stomach as soon as you wake up.

You can have it after freshen up or done with morning rituals.

You can also have it in evening.


When you should not have it?

You should not have it immediately after food.You will not get benefits as per expectations.


Is there any side effects of using Giloy?

No there is no side effects as such but if you feel constipated after consumption please have veg salad of cucumber,tomato and fresh coconut.


Can giloy be used in weight loss?

No although there are many benefits of giloy but weight loss is not one of them.You may be disappointed.


What are the use cases or benefits of giloy?

Please refer for details.


Giloy/Guduchi Stem (Rs 10 per stem)

SKU: 366615376135191
0.5 Kilograms
  • It is a neem giloy stem.

    Neem Giloy carries far greater medicinal values.

    Each stem is of 6 inches.

    1 stem for 1 person per day use.

    There will be around 30 stems in 500gm.

    Giloy type is defined by the tree on which it is found.

    Example :Giloy found on neem tree is called neem giloy

    Fresh giloy stem (6 inches in size) is shown in picture.

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