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What's so special about our herbal products how different from others?


Speciality lies in preparation process and procurement or in ayurvedic terms Vidhi and Vidhan.


Herbs as per ayurveda should be dried in shade.

Herbs should follow shuddhi process before use.

Every herb have different shuddhi process.

For example ashwagandha used here are from mature plants.They are boiled in A2 milk,washed and are dried in shade.


Is ther any side effects?


No as you all know herbal products have almost zero side effects.Some doubts are also removed if they have followed shuddhi process.


Can it be used if i do have any such issues?


Yes it can be used.Most importantly in ayurveda the product which cures a problem can be taken as precautionary measures for 3 months in an year.Like you can have this product in winter for about about 45 days.

Mood & Erection enhancer

100 Grams
  • Ingredients are fruits of Brahma Plants such as peepal,gular,bargad,tulsi etc.

    Fruits of inredients must be ripen.

    It is very safe to consume.It can be consumed by anybody.

    How to use?

    When to have it?

    How one should feel after few days?

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