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This is a very useful herbal tea powder in case of PCOD in ladies.


Who must have this tea?

If you are a  working woman who do night shifts or suffering from PCOD,then you must have this twice everyday.


Who all can have this tea?

Anyone can have this tea for energy,immunity,detox and nutrition.


What are the main ingredients of this tea?

This tea contains very importantly native Indian rose rich in iron and Hibiscus flower a powerhouse of energy.

There many other inredients like lemon peel,orange peel,pomegranate peel and other essential herbs.


How to prepare herbal tea from this PCOD herbal tea powder?

Step1 Have 1.0-litre water

Step2 Have 1 tea spoon herbal powder and boil upto 500ml-750ml on medium gas flame.

Step 3.Keep it in thermo flask and serve 250ml


What are the timings of this tea?

1.Can have 250 ml on empty early morning after freshen up.

2.Can have 1 hr before lunch.

3.Can have it in evening.

4.Can have before sleep.

5.Choose any two - three timings as per your convenience.

PCOD Herbal Tea Powder

100 Grams
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