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Ash Gourd Juice Benefits

Ashgourd Juice Description:

I. Prakriti of Ashgourd: Ayurvedic nature and properties of Ashgourd Juice.
II. Benefits of Ashgourd Juice.
III. Who can have Ashgourd Juice?
IV. When to have Ashgourd Juice?
V. How to have Ashgourd Juice?

Ayurvedic properties and description of Ashgourd juice.

Ashgourd juice is the most important juice used in naturopathy.
Ashgourd commonly also known as petha juice/winter melon.
It is highly alkaline 
Benefits of Ashgourd/Petha juice:

Some of the verified benefits of Ashgourd/Petha juice we experienced.

1. Useful in Migraine 
2. Useful in Sleeping issue
3. Useful in Nose bleeding 
4. Useful in the Thyroid gland.
5. Useful in Thyroid 
6. Useful in High Blood Pressure 
7. Useful in heart palpitations
8. Most powerful heart tonic
9. Very good for arteries
10. It keeps the stomach alkaline and cool.
11. It is useful in Acidity/Hyperacidity
12. It is useful in fatty liver
13. It is useful in kidney stone
14. It is useful in Diabetes 
15. It is useful in Skin issues like acne and pimples
16. It is a powerful tonic for pancreas 
17. It is useful in constipation
18. It is useful for sperms production, thus increasing sperm count increment.
19. It is useful in Leucorrhea/white discharge in females
20. It is extremely useful in menstruation over bleeding
21. It is extremely useful in general bleeding also.
22. It is also useful in nightfall/white discharge among men.
23. It is useful in excess heat in palms and leg
24. It is useful in heel pain

Do not use this in
1. Gatric issues
2. Arthritis 
3. Low B.P
4. Body Pain

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