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Bitter Gourd Juice

I.   Prakriti of bitter juice: Ayurvedic nature and properties of 
     bitter juice.
II.  Benefits of bitter juice.
III. Who can have bitter juice?
IV.  When to have bitter juice?
V.   How to have bitter juice?

Ayurvedic properties and description of bitter juice.
Bitter juice is the most recommended juice used in Ayurveda.

Benefits of bitter juice:

It is tridoshik means it pacifies air, Pitta, and Kapha dosha.
Very good for rasa dhatu and rakta dhatu.
Bitter juice is the most recommended juice used in ayurveda.

*Some of the verified benefits of bitter juice we experienced.

1.  Control diabetes especially type 2 diabetes (Better combination would be 
     karela, amla, kachi haldi)
2.  Very useful in Piles
3.  Cures constipation (vibandha)
4.  Cures acidity/hyperacidity
5.  Jaundice, Liver psoriasis, or liver problems
6.  Kills all sorts of stomach worms in children or in adults(can add kachi haldi to 
     increase effectiveness)
7.  It cleanses blood thus very useful in skin issues like pimples and even in 
8.  For swelling, water retention
9.  It is very useful in weight loss.
10. It is useful in indigestion.
11. It literally stops aging.
12. It is good for the eyes.
13. It is useful for increasing immunity.
14. Good for kidney stones
15. Good to have in fever
16. Good for fatty liver
17. It is a good source of energy thus maintains your energy levels
18. It is quite useful to remove excessive heat in feet, palms, etc
19. It's is beneficial in itching a skin disease ailment
20. Very useful in alopecia a skin ailment.
21. Useful in infection
22. Very good for external applications such as skin lesion, skin cut, eyes 
      especially for night blindness.
23. Good for Dipan (metabolism) and pachan (digestion)
24. Best detox agent 
25. Good for fatty liver
26. Good for IBS if taken occasionally 
27. Good for bones if karela is cooked and taken with ghee or gud (jaggery)
28. Good for hair fall
29. Good for urine formation or when experiencing excess of urine
30. Reduces body inflammation 

When to have bitter juice?

It's best to have bitter juice early morning on empty stomach.

Who can have bitter juice?

If looking for a healthier lifestyle, add bitter juice early morning for a minimum 1 week in a month
If looking for specific benefits please see the benefits of bitter juice.

Who should not have bitter juice?

1. Avoid bitter juice in case of gastric issues.
2. Avoid bitter juice in case of arthritis
3. Underweight people can avoid it
4. Pregnant women can avoid it.
5. Children below 14 years can avoid it.

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